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Last-mile Delivery

Run your business with new flexibility

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We've got you covered when it comes to moving your stuff! No matter how big, when you need it, where it's going, or how fast it needs to get there. We simply make it happen.

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You handle the move; we power the tech for demand generation, booking management, tracking and notifications with electronic proof of delivery.

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Take the stress out of shipping your items and focus on your business. Our team is here to handle the pickup and secure delivery of any-sized packages, providing you with a convenient and reliable service that saves you time and effort.

We handle online store deliveries, mail drop off, house move, inter-state parcel movements. As long as it needs to move, we’ve got you covered.

Get on the app:

  1. Set pickup location & time 
  2. Set destination location & time
  3. Select vehicle type and delivery mode

Beyond the basics: we pickup and deliver to locations without known street addresses.

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Let's improve together

We want to develop the platform with your help. You know the needs, we have the platform that can help meet the need. 

Let’s create the ecosystem together, please talk to us.

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